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Romantic weekend: 9 dream destinations for a romantic getaway

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Romantic getaway: Top 9 enchanting places for a perfect weekend for two

There's no need to travel thousands of miles to discover the charm of a relaxing weekend for two. Discover below a selection of nine wonderful places for unforgettable moments for two.

Imagine dreamy beaches... and now forget it! Choose proximity, simplicity and vitality for your romantic getaway. Short-haul travel allows you to lighten the budget and accentuate the experiences, such as a gourmet dinner in Paris, a boat trip in Venice or a surfing lesson in Lisbon.

1. Love under the lights of Paris

Paris, the capital of love, offers its visitors a romantic experience around every corner, especially along the banks of the Seine. Ideal for a two-day trip, this metropolis lends itself to strolls and offers experiences such as a night cruise on the Seine or a hand-in-hand stroll in Montmartre, culminating in the view from the Sacré-Coeur.

  • For a picnic: luxurious Jardin du Luxembourg or historic Place des Vosges
  • For a memorable dinner: the Jules Verne, with its tables open for lunch
  • Tip: visit Paris in August, when Parisians go out of town

2. Venice and its timeless romanticism

Get off the beaten track in Venice and let yourself be seduced by its authentic neighborhoods. With its inexpensive vaporettos, escape to Burano and Murano, or let yourself be tempted by an introduction to Venetian craftsmanship.

  • To discover: the peaceful island of Torcello and a cocktail at the iconic Harry's Bar

3. Travel through time in Prague

The city of a thousand spires dazzles with its history and beauty. It's home to landmarks such as the Church of Our Lady of the Týn and the St. Charles Bridge. Prague is also perfect for gourmet delights and romantic getaways in the heart of Vinohrady.

  • Delights: enjoy sourdough bread at Arctic Bakehouse
  • An intimate evening: a drink at the Hemingway Bar

4. Ghent, the Venice of the North

Coveting the charm of its illustrious canals, Ghent offers a student atmosphere and a lively art scene. It invites lovers to lose themselves in its historic alleyways and discover dynamic street art.

  • Don't miss: a beer at Bar Trollekelder and a meal at Publiek

5. Florence, a jewel of art and history

Capital of the Renaissance, Florence charms with its must-see monuments and hidden gardens. For artistic couples, the Florentine atmosphere and its offer of traditional cooking courses are a godsend.

  • Must-See: Basilica Santa Croce and Mangiafoco restaurant, where truffles are king

6. Lisbon, between trend and tradition

The gentle pace of life in Lisbon, a city that is both economical and splendid, is ideal for a streetcar ride or an introduction to surfing. What's more, the passionate melodies of Fado offer an intense cultural experience.

  • Unique experiences: Tasting the famous pastéis de nata at Manteigaria

7. Annecy, romance by the lake

Just a few hours from Paris, Annecy's canals and renowned gastronomy promise a picturesque getaway. Pedal around the lake on a tandem bike, or take a ride on a private boat to embrace the romantic atmosphere of the town.

  • Favourite: A night in the intimate setting of the Un Lieu Unique hotel

8. Amsterdam, love on two wheels

Amsterdam's appeal lies in its inviting setting and accessibility from France. In addition to its renowned museums, the city offers secret gardens and bike rides along the green canals.

  • Original adventure: An electric boat cruise followed by dinner at Balthazar's Keuken

9. Budapest, lovers and thermal waters

Budapest, a city of relaxation with its thermal springs, invites you to enjoy moments of plenitude in the Széchenyi baths or the pleasures of a romantic cruise on the Danube.

  • Sweets: Dinner at Rosenstein followed by a sweet break at Gerbeaud

Find inspiration for your next romantic trip

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