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Top 3 popular European tourist destinations facing price rises

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Top 3 fare increases in popular European destinations

Exploring Europe can sometimes be expensive, especially when you're heading for popular destinations. In 2024, some iconic sites will see their costs soar, impacting visitors' budgets.

New taxes for day-trippers in Venice

To regulate the influx of daily visitors, Venice is now imposing a specific contribution. The levy, a flat-rate charge of 5 euros applicable during the peak season, which extends over 29 days in spring, will affect tourists who do not spend the night in the city of gondolas. Travelers must pay this sum online to receive a QR code giving access to the historic heart of the city. In the event of non-payment, penalties of between 30 and 500 euros may be applied, although neighboring islands are exempt from this measure.

The Louvre in Paris: entrance fees soar

Paris, in full preparation for the Olympic Games, has announced a significant increase in admission to the famous Louvre museum. The standard ticket will rise from 17 euros to 22 euros from January 15. The significant increase marks the first price revision since 2017 for this renowned museum, attended by 7.8 million visitors the previous year.

Amsterdam steps up its fight against overtourism

The Dutch capital is implementing a 12.5 % increase in tourist tax to combat the massive influx of tourists. Translated into figures, this represents an addition of 21.80 euros to the cost of a room at 175 euros per night, a significant jump on the previous amount of 15.25 euros. Amsterdam thus remains the city with the highest tourist tax in Europe.


  • Venice imposes a flat-rate tax on day visitors during the high season.
  • The Louvre raises its entrance fees ahead of the Olympic Games.
  • Amsterdam increases its tourist tax to cope with overtourism.

For more information on tourism taxation in Europe : New tourist taxes in force and Tourist expenses by country.

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