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Discover 6 hidden treasures to explore in Europe in 2024 according to Forbes

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Top 6 Unusual European Nuggets Recommended by Forbes for 2024

1. Kotor, the Jewel of Montenegro

Recognized by Lonely Planet as a must-see destination, Kotor, nestled in Montenegro, remains a well-kept secret. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this fortified city offers a harmonious blend of historical heritage and breathtaking views over the Bay of Boka.

2. Montpellier, Medieval Heart of France

Montpellier, a city in the south of France founded in the 12th century, shines with its eclectic mix of student dynamism and medieval remains. Just a stone's throw from the Mediterranean, this metropolis is a melting pot of culture, art and festivities.

3. Stavanger, Norway's Gastronomic Epicenter

A Norwegian city with a rich oil history, Stavanger is now establishing itself as a leading culinary destination. From natural attractions like the Preikestolen to picturesque old Stavanger, this place offers a variety of experiences for any curious visitor.

4. Vigo, Galician Treasure of Spain

In the shadow of Spain's big cities, Vigo shines with its Roman past and architectural gems. Its assets include MARCO, a contemporary art museum, and the Cies Islands, accessible by ferry, where Playa de Rodas invites you to escape with its crystal-clear waters.

5. Tallinn, Estonia's summer capital

Despite its modest size for a capital city, Tallinn boasts irresistible charm, a rich history and a renowned culinary scene. Museums and sandy beaches complete the picture of a destination living up to its ambitions for 2024.

6. Gaziantep, Turkish historical crossroads

Rooted in 6 millennia of history, Gaziantep in Turkey is a city where culture, gastronomy and religious heritage come together. Close to Syria, it's the perfect stopover for an enriching family vacation.

  • Kotor, Montenegro: The unspoilt city between mountains and crystal-clear waters.
  • Montpellier, France: Between medieval history and Mediterranean softness.
  • Stavanger, Norway: A gastronomy rich in the benefits of the North Sea.
  • Vigo, Spain: A journey between ancient ruins and idyllic beaches.
  • Tallinn, Estonia: A subtle blend of culture and seaside relaxation.
  • Gaziantep, Turkey: A rich cultural heritage at the gateway to the Orient.

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