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Céleste: a new airline to redeploy the Paris-Brest route

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The birth of Céleste to reconnect Paris and Brest

Freshly established on the foundations of former Air France subsidiary Hop!, the new airline, Céleste, takes to the skies from Morlaix, Finistère. Inaugurating its place as the first initiative of this scale in France in the last decade, it benefits from mixed public and private financing. With a budget of over 8 million euros, it is about to receive its license to fly, scheduled for the beginning of 2024.

Support from Brittany's entrepreneurs

Céleste was born out of a crucial need to maintain a constant air connection between Brest and the capital. Brest-Guipavas airport endured major disruption in the wake of the pandemic, seeing a freefall in passenger numbers. A regular service to Paris-Orly was even on the verge of being cancelled, prompting a strong reaction in Brittany. Faced with an imminent withdrawal by Air France, temporarily prolonged by the Ministry of Transport, it proved essential to formulate a viable alternative for this vital air route.

Emerging solutions and Chalair discontinuation

After Chalair, a regional airline in Normandy, abruptly halted its services, citing a drop in post-pandemic demand and a lack of support from local authorities, hope is now being pinned on Céleste. The company is embracing this opportunity to unravel the isolation of Brittany, where the Paris-Brest journey takes over four hours by rail.

Céleste's ambition for Brittany

Céleste, backed by the enthusiasm of over fifty Breton entrepreneurs and public funding, is shaping up as a promising regional project, with plans to extend its wings to other regional destinations if the model proves successful. A "Breton adventure", as its spokesperson puts it, marking the company's determination to establish a sustainable service. With preparations underway, Céleste aims to inaugurate operations as early as January 2024.

Projections and hopes

  • Celeste to launch in January 2024
  • Strengthening economic ties thanks to a sustainable air route
  • Expansion potential towards other regional connections

In a nutshell:

Céleste has established itself as the innovative response to the challenges of air mobility in the heart of Brittany. Its trajectory demonstrates a fusion of local efforts and a strategic vision for regional air transport. The Paris-Brest route is about to enter a new era, thanks to this dynamic and determined initiative.

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