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Cambodia: Inauguration of a new airport to facilitate access to the Angkor temples

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Inauguration of an Airport Platform in Siem Reap to Promote Tourism to Angkor

Activities begin for the New Cambodian Airport

Monday marked an important day for Cambodia, with the inaugural landing of a commercial aircraft on the brand-new runway at Siem Reap airport, not far from the Angkor site, the country's national treasure and cultural pride.

Project Features and Financing

This international project, spanning 700 hectares, represents a colossal investment of over one billion US dollars, mainly financed by consortia of investors from China.

A Growth Lever for National Tourism

The inauguration of the airport complex was celebrated in the presence of dignitaries and is part of a drive to boost the tourism sector, which has suffered from the repercussions of the global health crisis. Cambodian government officials were on hand to welcome the first flight, which arrived from Bangkok in the early hours of the morning.

Future projections and implications

Air traffic forecasts

By 2040, the infrastructure should be capable of handling no less than 12 million passengers a year. This development is in line with the policy of strengthening infrastructure initiated by former leader Hun Sen and continued by his son, Prime Minister Hun Manet.

Economic and diplomatic impact

This project demonstrates the close relationship between Cambodia and China, which has become a key ally in the region for Phnom Penh. The infrastructure effort also aims to propel Cambodia as a top tourist destination and regain pre-pandemic tourist numbers, which peaked at 6.6 million visitors in 2019.

This initiative reflects the hope that tourism, a key sector of the Cambodian economy, will provide an economic boost in the near future.

Source: AFP

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